Private Ambulance Service Call 0333 301 9991
 Private Ambulance ServiceCall 0333 301 9991

Private Ambulance Service - Treating our Patients with Patience, Care and Dignity 

MED-PTS Ambulance Sevices provides Private Ambulance Hire that is reliable and of high quality for all patient categories within the UK & Europe, All vehicles are wheelchair & stretcher accessible, As well as all our drivers being experienced Ambulance Drivers and DBS approved, they have all undertaken training to ensure that they can provide you with a door to door service that leaves you feeling confident that your journey will be a safe and enjoyable one.

We cover the whole of the UK and have private ambulance transport available nationwide in:

Private Ambulance London

Private Ambulance Birmingham

Private Ambulance Leeds

Private Ambulance Glasgow

Private Ambulance Sheffield

Private Ambulance Bradford

Private Ambulance Edinburgh

Private Ambulance Liverpool

Private Ambulance Manchester

Private Ambulance Bristol

Private Ambulance Wakefield

Private Ambulance Cardiff

Private Ambulance Coventry

Private Ambulance Nottingham

Private Ambulance Leicester

Private Ambulance Sunderland

Private Ambulance Belfast

Private Ambulance Newcastle upon Tyne

Private Ambulance Brighton

Private Ambulance Hull

Private Ambulance Plymouth

Private Ambulance Stoke-on-Trent

Private Ambulance Wolverhampton

Private Ambulance Derby

Private Ambulance Swansea

Private Ambulance Southampton

Private Ambulance Salford

Private Ambulance Aberdeen

Private Ambulance Westminster

Private Ambulance Portsmouth

Private Ambulance York

Private Ambulance Peterborough

Private Ambulance Dundee

Private Ambulance Lancaster

Private Ambulance Oxford

Private Ambulance Newport

Private Ambulance Preston

Private Ambulance St Albans

Private Ambulance Norwich

Private Ambulance Norfolk

Private Ambulance Chester

Private Ambulance Cambridge

Private Ambulance Salisbury

Private Ambulance Exeter

Private Ambulance Gloucester

Private Ambulance Lisburn

Private Ambulance Chichester

Private Ambulance Winchester

Private Ambulance Carlisle

Private Ambulance Worcester

Private Ambulance Bath

Private Ambulance Durham

Private Ambulance Lincoln

Private Ambulance Hereford

Private Ambulance Armagh

Private Ambulance Inverness

Private Ambulance Stirling

Private Ambulance Canterbury

Private Ambulance Lichfield

Private Ambulance Newry

Private Ambulance Ripon

Private Ambulance Bangor

Private Ambulance Truro

Private Ambulance Ely

Private Ambulance Wells

Private Ambulance St Davids


How can we help you




Our Private Ambulance Transport will provide the following services:

  • Transfer to/from other countries to the UK including air-side at all airports.
  • Transfer to/from or between NHS & Private Hospitals, Day centres, retirement or care/nursing homes
  • Transfer to/from events such as weddings, family visits, theatre, museums etc

These services can be provided for one client or groups.


Why choose our Private Ambulance Transport Services

We are not just providing a patient transport service for you. We truly care that you are given the right support to get you to and from your destination. We recognise that trust is important to you and therefore give you the option of requesting the same driver for any future journeys.


In order to continue improving our services, we welcome all our customers feedback insuring that we keep our standards of patient care & dignity consistent.


For transport bookings please call 0333 301 9991 / 07788737370 


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