Private Ambulance 24/7 Service Call 0333 301 9991
Private Ambulance 24/7 ServiceCall 0333 301 9991

Medical Repatriation

Our medical repatriation service offers a fully prepared Domestic and International Air Ambulance and Patient Transfer Service. Whether you require a non-emergency patient repatriation with a Commercial Airline, or an urgent response and require a dedicated Air Ambulance, MED-PTS has the aircrew & medical teams available to ensure we are able to provide you with a safe, professional and committed level of service.

Our dedicated team at MED-PTS are available 24/7 to discuss, organise and co-ordinate the most appropriate transfer and care of individual clients.

Air Ambulance

We provide air ambulances with in flight medical teams across Europe & the rest of the world.

Road Ambulance Repatriation

Private ambulance repatriation by road to/from Europe 24/7 Service

Medical Escort

In flight medical escort staff provided for commercial flights from flight medical technicians, to Nurses, Paramedics & Doctors.

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