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Medical Gases

Medical Gases

This course is available at your location for groups of up to 8 delegates from £40.00 per person or can be run at one of UK Training venues.

We offer a comprehensive medical gases programme based on the necessary theory, backed up with lots of practical work. The course is run over half a day and is made as informative, yet as enjoyable as possible, thus allowing the students to gain confidence in what is possibly a new skill. In addition to training we are able to offer advice in areas such as, company and on-going help and support with training and development.

The syllabus includes;

  • Airway Management - practical use of airway adjuncts and suction
  • Oxygen - safety, practical use and contra-indications
  • Entonox - use and contra-indications

The cost of this course run at your venue for a group of up to 8 candidates is £40.00 per person. 

This includes a 2 year certification. There are no additional costs.

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