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Covid-19 Workplace Testing for Corporate Businesses

The return to work presents a major challenge for employers, employees and their families.

The inability to identify coronavirus infections will have a significant impact in the work place resulting in staff absences and reduced economic productivity. protecting workers and their families from the risk of infection needs to be a top priority for all employers.

The Problem

Many people can have the virus but not show any symptoms. This means they can infect people around them unknowingly.

The relaxation of quarantine measures will result in clusters and spikes of infection. This will present a challenge in being able to distinguish common cold and flu symptoms from those of coronavirus

The application of measures such as sanitation and social distancing inside offices and factories may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of workers and customers and in some environments may be very expensive or not possible.

The Solution

Regular testing in the work place will help to maintain a COVID-19 protected enviroment

COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) PCR Testing

Government Compliant - Tests for COVID-19

  • Mobile screening exterior/inside your workplace 
  • Our Covid 19 testing team arrive
  • Nasal/Throat swabs collected using BD dry swabs/Remel M4RT/Copan 321C UTM or Copan 147C.
  • Covid 19 testing kits returned to lab 
  • Results available in 2-3 days (Weekdays only)
  • Samples analysed in accredited London laboratory
  • Processed in same lab used by NHS GP's and hospitals
  • Throat & nasal swab - no blood required


The PCR Test - Current Infection

This is a swab test that detects the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (Covid-19) in your nose and throat. If you want to know whether symptoms that you or employees within your workplace are suffering from right now are being caused by coronavirus then this is the test you need, the test will also show if anyone has Covid-19 and is not presenting with any symptoms (asymptomatic) and may be a carrier of the virus.


Accuracy of Test     99.9% with correct swab technique


Cost of Test:    £189.00 for a individual test 

                           £150.00 for employees of 10 or more              








To make arrangements for COVID 19 testing, please call 0333 301 9991 0333 301 9991 or use our online form.

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