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Bariatric Ambulance Transport

Our Bariatric Ambulance service provides ambulance vehicles modified to carry the severely obese. They have extra-wide interiors, and carry "bariatric stretchers" and specialized lifting gear that is capable of carrying very large patients.

MED-PTS Private Ambulance Services provide Bariatric Ambulance Transport across all counties within the UK to all patients weighing upto a maximum of 40 Stone in weight.


The bariatric vehicles used are equipped with all the necassary lifting aids and come with the following added extras:



* Ferno Megasus Stretcher rated to carry 300kg. 

* Motorised rope winch to haul stretcher up ramps into ambulance.

* Reinforced bariatric ambulance ramp rated load upto 450kg

* Minimum of four trained bariatric ambulance personell

Our Bariatric ambulances make it safe, reliable and dignified to transport bariatric patients properly within the UK & Oversees to/from Europe if required.


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